NW LOGO OYS - 2 COL IncomeMAX working with Nationwide Building Society At Nationwide we really care about our customers, and we do everything we can to understand what they need and how we can help. Because life doesn't always run smoothly we know that some of our 15 million customers will – from time to time – need a little extra help to make ends meet. In many cases, extra financial support is available to them but they just need a little help understanding what their entitlement is and how to go about claiming it. This is where IncomeMAX come in. IncomeMAX have done this by providing an un-paralleled level of expert advice and advocacy to customers we have identified as needing a little more help at a difficult time in their lives. Working with the staff in our Pre-Arrears Team IncomeMAX have helped 100 customers access over £260,000 per year of extra income – more than £30,000 of which helped pay their mortgages. Here’s just one example of how Nationwide’s partnership with IncomeMAX made a huge difference to one of our customer’s financial circumstances: “Nationwide’s Pre-Arrears Team spoke to a customer who didn’t know how he was going to feed his family. His sickness benefits had been stopped and he didn’t know why or how he could get them back. To help the Pre-Arrears Team referred the customer to IncomeMAX who called him back the very same day. IncomeMAX acted quickly to understand and then challenge the Job Centre’s decision to stop this family’s benefits something the customer couldn’t do himself because he didn’t understand what had gone wrong and the worry it caused only made his health worse. IncomeMAX not only helped overturn the Job Centre’s decision, they also got the customers claim backdated! As a result the customer got £7,769 of back dated benefits and an ongoing annual income of £9,828.” And here’s just one quote from a satisfied Nationwide Building Society customer: "The help from IncomeMAX was a lifeline for us and came at a time when we really needed help." Chris Ball, Head of Collections and Recoveries at Nationwide Building Society said "We’ve always known that advice works. The problem has always been how to get the right advice to the right people at the right time. Now, by working with IncomeMAX, we’re able to help those who need advice about their benefits by offering them a service that provides the highest level of advocacy and advice that I have come across. What’s more their staff are some of the nicest people you could ever meet and it is a pleasure working with them” For more information on IncomeMAX and the advice and support services they provide please visit www.incomemax.org.uk or call 0300 777 7772.